Can Napisan used to clean oven racks?

One of the most common kitchen appliances is the oven. The variety of delicious meals we can prep in it is enormous, from baking and frying to dehydrating condiments like parsley.

If you are one of those who do not own a new self-cleaning oven, then you know how difficult it can be to clean it after grease started to stick to the racks. The grease sticks to the racks forming a thick and solid material that sometimes it looks like it’s impossible to remove.

Not cleaning the oven at regular intervals only aggravates the accumulation of deposits. Every time you cook something in the oven, the water and grease become vapors and stick to the metal of the racks.

How to use Napisan to clean the oven racks

Getting rid of the deposits of fat can be done relatively easy with Napisan. For those who do not know what it is, Napisan is a product used to kill microbes. It’s a powder that is added to the washing cycle and can be found in stores under detergents. The main selling point of Napisan is that the regular detergents do not disinfect the clothes, only wash them, while Napisan disinfects them.

It is entirely eco friendly as the main ingredient in it is sodium percarbonate, an ingredient often used in eco-friendly cleaning products.

There are lots of methods for cleaning oven racks with Napisan, but the simple way is to add it to water and submerge the racks in them.

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